Bethel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
1953 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave. - Long Beach, CA


Mission Statement: "Chosen to SERVE, Commission to GO, Anointed to DO God's Will"

Reverend James L. Tillman, Pastor"


Chosen to SERVE, Commissioned to GO, Anointed to DO GOD'S WILL !


Bethel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church exist to serve as a spiritual source of guidance to a lost and dying world, bringing it to, God's redemptive love and power. Our aim is to be totally submissive to the service of God’s Will, as we seek the leading of the Holy Spirit in our personal and corporate lives.

We strive to provide an atmosphere of Love, Faith, and Hope That will impact the development for children, youth and young adults, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, social and physically. Our standard for living is God’s Word, in which our hearts and minds are renewed, and revived, our lives are transformed, and our spirituality enhanced.

Our commission is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all humanity, bringing others into a personal relationship with God. We serve to be an example to the world showing it how Christ has changed our lives and how He desires to change other lives as well. God’s love compels us to go into all the world and make committed and faithful disciples.

We serve to uplift each other spiritually, encouraging consistent private and corporate communion with both God and persons of like minds, so that we may be accountable to God and one another,. Our doors are always open to lend a helping hand to families, the elderly, the handicap, the poor and the disadvantages, those hospitalized or institutionalized, and those needing emergency or temporary relief that maybe struggling in their daily lives.

Our services and resources are not limited to our membership only, but also to our community and the world at large, as we are Chosen to Serve, Commissioned to Go, Anointed to Do, God’s Will!

Lay Department
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Social Concerns
Missionary Society
MTM (Ministry To Men)

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